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Bank robbery is a form of theft that is automatically considered a federal offense because nearly all banks are backed by the federal government. This increases the severity of punishments associated with bank robberies and puts those who have been accused of this crime in jeopardy of experiencing extremely harsh penalties.

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Types of Bank Robbery Charges

Bank robbery is divided into three categories according to the severity of the action, the amount stolen, and the method in which the theft occurred. These include:

  • Class C Bank Robbery: Can occur in many ways, such as when someone attempts to steal money from a bank with the threat of force. It typically results in 5-10 years incarceration and probation. If no threat is used and the amount stolen is under $1,000, the maximum sentence is 1 year in prison. However, a robbery without force that exceeds $1,000 can result in up to 10 years in prison.
  • Class B Bank Robbery: Occurs when the bank robbery is completed with the use of a deadly weapon or an act of assault. These crimes can earn up to 25 years in prison as well as an extended probationary period.
  • Class A Bank Robbery: This is the most serious of the charges and occurs when someone dies as a result of the robbery. Even if the death occurred indirectly, the accused individual may be facing a life sentence in prison or the death penalty.

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