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Robbery is a form of theft defined by the use or threat of force against the victim. This crime carries serious penalties by itself, but if the person accused of robbery was armed with a deadly weapon, the consequences become much more severe. The weapon in question may be a gun, knife, club, or any other item that could leave a victim severely injured or dead. Armed robbery is a criminal offense that can leave the accused with irreversible personal, professional, and financial losses.

If you have been charged with armed robbery, you will need an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney to help you fight these accusations and avoid the full extent of the legal repercussions associated with this crime. Contact the Dallas armed robbery attorneys at The Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter at (214) 845-7007 today to begin fighting these charges.

Penalties for Armed Robbery

The penalties for armed robbery can fluctuate depending on the situation. In Texas, armed robbery is a first degree felony charge and can be associated with penalties such as:

  • Jail time: 5 -99 years or life imprisonment
  • Fines: not to exceed $10,000

The state of Texas prosecutes federal offenses aggressively. In order to fight these charges you will need experienced and aggressive legal defense.

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