Man on death row appeals Harris County capital murder conviction

Thirty-seven-year-old Robert Gene Will II, who has been on death row for 13 years since he was convicted of capital murder in relation to the shooting death of Harris County Sheriff’s Officer Barrett Hill back in 2000, claimed in a federal habeas petition, which he filed on Friday, November 27 before United States District Judge Keith Ellison, that prosecutors with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in Texas have illegally withheld evidence that could exonerate him.

Case records showed that Hill and another police officer responded to a report that two men were breaking into cars at a Houston apartment complex on Dec. 4, 2000 at around 6:00 in the morning. Records state that the officers found Will and his partner at the scene, at which point the officers chased the two men into a wooded area nearby. It was in this field that authorities claim Will shot and killed Officer Hill.

Will claims that Harris County prosecutors pursued this line of argument with only circumstantial evidence backing them up.

Twelve Texas inmates have already been executed this year, more than any other state.

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Defense, prosecution rest in trial of South by Southwest car crash case

Both the prosecution and the defense rested their cases in the trial of 23-year-old Rashed Owens, who is accused of killing four pedestrians when he struck them with the vehicle he was driving during an attempt to evade police officers during last year’s South by Southwest film, media, and music festival in Austin, Texas.

Owens is facing capital murder charges in the fatal vehicular accident he allegedly caused in March of 2014 when his car sped through a downtown crowd, causing the deaths of four individuals. According to prosecutors, Owens had been driving under the influence of alcohol and was speeding to avoid a traffic stop.

Owens did not testify in the court hearing last Thursday, November 6, and the defense came to a rest without calling any witnesses. Owens’s attorney maintained that it was not the defendant’s intention to hurt any person.

Austin Police Detective Richard Harrington, a crash reconstruction expert and the prosecution’s final witness that day, said surveillance footage showed that Owens had been traveling at a rate of 55 miles per hour during the incident.

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Man in Bexar County shooting death faces murder charges

Police investigators have reported that 22-year-old Frederick Dewayne Fletcher, Jr., who was formerly charged with assault, is now facing murder charges in connection with the death of Patrick Lewis, FOX 29 reported on May 20.

Lewis was shot at a house on Brothers Lane in Bexar County on May 4. Fletcher, along with his sister Karon Johnson, surrendered to local authorities the day after the shooting.

Lewis initially only suffered critical injuries due to the incident, but since he died, Fletcher’s charges have been upgraded.

According to preliminary investigations made by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, Johnson was arguing with Lewis about the custody of their child in Lewis’ home. Fletcher, who accompanied his sister to the area, shot the victim during the argument.

It was not yet determined whether the shooting was intentional or happened in the heat of the moment.

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Appeals court reverses decision that halted Tommy Lynn Sells execution

On Wednesday, April 2, the Fifth United States Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans reversed a ruling made by U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore that required the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to provide more details regarding the lethal injection drugs that it uses on death row criminals. This made the temporary injunction on Tommy Lynn Sells impending execution void.

Gilmore’s decision was supposed to halt the execution of convicted serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells, but the appellate decision reversed the decision, resulting in Sells being put to death on Thursday, April 3.

Gilmore wanted to know where Texas got its supply of lethal injection drugs from, to which officials responded that the identity of the supplier must remain unknown to protect the company’s well-being from acts of violence and insisted that the sedative pentobarbital that comes from this supplier is indeed potent.

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Texas man sentenced for Thanksgiving Day killing

On Friday, November 8, an ex-convict from Texas was sentenced to 99 years in jail for shooting a man last Thanksgiving Day.

Thirty-year-old Artis Leon Polk Jr. reportedly procured a semiautomatic assault rifle from a Dallas gun dealer two days before shooting and killing 23-year-old Charles Knighten. Knighten was the ex-boyfriend of Polk’s girlfriend.

In addition to the sentence of 99 years, the jury gave Polk 20 years for the unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. According to the Tarrant County district attorney’s office, presiding Judge Ruben Gonzalez ordered that Polk serve the two sentences concurrently.

Polk had former convictions for criminal charges of drug possession, vehicle theft, burglary, and aggravated robbery.

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Texas City man faces murder, asssault, robbery charges

A Texas City man was recently arrested for three separate crimes after witnesses to each named him as a suspect. He now faces charges of murder, assault and robbery and was arrested last week by the Texas City Police Department.

The first incident was a robbery that occurred on May 6 at a home on 2nd St. North and the second was an assault case that occurred at an apartment complex on 6th Ave. North. Then, on June 6, a body of a 42-year-old man was found in a shed and another woman was shot in this case.

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