Police arrest two in cattle theft case

Two men from Elgin, Texas were arrested for their alleged involvement in the theft of two cattle.

Two 18-year-old men are accused of stealing four head of cattle from a Taylor rancher. The stolen livestock were later sold at an auction in Bastrop.

After they were sold, investigators were able to identify them as the stolen livestock and had them returned in 48 hours. The cattle were identified because they were branded. Police have said that this is the best way to get cattle back if they are stolen.

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Armed robbery occurs at Pizza Hut in the Woodlands

A Pizza Hut in the Woodlands, Texas was robbed at gunpoint on Thursday at 10 p.m.

According to employees, the incident occurred when a man walked into the restaurant and demanded money from the employees while he pointed a handgun at them. Witnesses have said that the man was wearing a black hoodie so they were unable to get a clear look at him.

The suspect then pushed all the employees to the back of the store and ran off with an undisclosed amount of money. He escaped in a tan van that had two or three other people in it.

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Brother and sister arrested after suspected theft at Wal-Mart

A brother and sister were arrested at a Wal-Mart yesterday in suspicion of theft and robbery after purses and personal belongings were stolen from shopping carts.

Police arrested the 22-year-old female and charged her with third-degree robbery and second-degree theft. Her bond has been set for $25,000. Her brother was arrested later that day and charged with minor in possession of alcohol and second-degree theft.

According to the police report that woman took a purse from a cart that had debit cards and an mp3 player in it. When the purse owner tried to get the purse back, the woman pushed the purse owner and a Wal-Mart employee to try and get away.

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Police have suspect in pickup truck theft case

A man who is accused of stealing a pickup truck at knife point in Fort Worth is also associated with other theft cases in the area, according to police officials.

The 46-year-old man is the of suspect in carjacking, attempted carjacking and purse snatching for incidents that happened in Fort Worth. He is also a suspect in cases that occurred in Dallas, including the robbery of a 77-year-old, four other robberies and two carjackings.

The man was arrested after a Dallas Police officer followed him in a pursuit that ended at the Love Field runway. The police officer rammed his car into the stolen truck that the man was driving in order for him to stop.

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