Current sex offender arrested again after alleged incident

A 63-year-old man that is currently in the Texas Department of Public Safety’s sex offender registry database has been arrested again after an alleged indecency with a child report.

According to the arrest report, a girl was helping him at his shoe repair store in Alamo City when he allegedly started to make small talk and then “unwanted physical advances” were made.

The warrant states that he even offered to pay the girl if she agreed. After she said no, the incident continued to escalate and he covered the victim’s mouth so she could not scream. The store was open the whole time during the incident.

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Dallas teachers accused participating in sexual acts with minors

Two Dallas Independent School District teachers have been placed on administrative leave after being accused of engaging in sexual activity with juveniles.

The two teachers were a married couple, one of them taught at a middle school teacher and the other was a preschool teacher. The couple ran a side business out of their Mesquite home where juvenile children would dress up as fictional characters and throw parties for younger children.

The 50-year-old husband is charged with two counts of indecency with a child and he and his 46-year-old wife face once count of sexual performance by a child. The couple are currently in the Dallas County Jail and are held on $150,000 bail each.

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