Man seeks full compensation after exonerated on assault crime

A man that was wrongfully imprisoned on an aggravated sexual assault charge for 26 years, is now seeking full compensation for the time that he spent in prison.

The 59-year-old man recently filed papers in the Texas Supreme Court that state that the Texas Comptroller failed to give him the correct amount of compensation that is required by state law.

The Tim Cole Act states that exonerees are to be provided with $80,000 for each year that they were incarcerated. The man served 26 years in jail for aggravated sexual assault until 2008 when a DNA test was done that excluded the man as a suspect.

The man’s lawsuit states that the comptroller did not pay him for eight years of his sentence. He is one of 22 people that have been exonerated since 2001 in Dallas County when the DNA testing started.

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