Dallas woman arrested for DWI while driving five children

A Dallas woman was recently arrested for drunk driving at a Lufkin gas station on Friday night. She was taken into custody by police and charged with driving while intoxicated with a child passenger.

According to police, the 54-year-old woman was stopped by police when she pulled into the gas station and they noticed a child sitting on her lap.

Police stated that the smell of alcohol was coming from the car. After a field sobriety test took place at the gas station, police stated that the woman failed the test and she was arrested. A police report stated that the woman had five children in her vehicle at the time.

‘Teacher of the Year’ arrested for inappropriate relationship with a student

A Colleyville Middle School teacher that was named ‘Teacher of the Year’  has now been arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

The 32-year-old Texas man was arrested after nude photos of himself were found in the Email account of a 15-year-old former student. The 15-year-old student’s brother found the photos and reported them.

The student then told police that the relationship began when she was an eighth grade band student at Colleyville Middle School. The Grapevine Police Department stated that sexual explicit messages and photos were exchanged between the two via cell phone and the internet.

The man has been the head band director at Colleyville Middle School since July 2009 and was named ‘Teacher of the Year’ this year. He has now been put on administrative leave and was arrested on charges of online solicitation of a minor and inappropriate student and teacher relationship.

Former police chief accused of assault

The former police chief of a North Texas town has been charged with sexual assault for allegedly having sexual relations with a girl during a three year period.

The 61-year-old man was arrested and jailed last Friday and a bond was set at $250,000. He was arrested on three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and eight counts of indecency with a child.

The man was an officer in Sulphur Springs for over 25 years. He retired in 2001 and the accusations allegedly occur between the years of 2001 and 2004.

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Troopers injured after suspected drunk driving accident

A suspected drunk driver injured two state troopers after rear-ending the vehicle they were in on Sunday morning.

The two North Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers pulled a man over for suspected drunken driving on Interstate 635 at 2 a.m. One trooper was standing partially outside the vehicle when another car swerved and struck him.

Both troopers were taken to the hospital and one of them was in critical condition. The original driver that was pulled over and was charged with a DWI and booked into jail.

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