Jury to decide competence of death penalty candidate Kenneth Thomas

The defense attorneys of 53-year-old Texas convicted murderer Kenneth Wayne Thomas are scheduled to argue in front of a jury that their client is mentally unstable, thus rendering him incapable of understanding the legal proceedings affecting his future and not eligible to stand trial in a death penalty case, The Dallas Morning News reported on July 7.

Another jury, whose members have already been chosen, will decide whether Thomas is competent enough to be handed the death sentence or should instead be given life imprisonment without parole. Thomas was convicted of killing 66-year-old lawyer Fred Finch and his wife, 64-year-old community college professor Mildred Finch, in their South Dallas home in 1986.

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Texas death row appeal rejected by Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court rejected the appeal of 50-year-old Texas inmate Duane Buck to be removed from death row due to racist testimony used in his trial 17 years ago that may have influenced the jury, NBC DFW reported on May 28.

The ruling was similar to a November 2013 ruling decided by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the state’s highest criminal court. Buck was convicted of capital murder for killing his ex-girlfriend and a man at her apartment in Houston in July 1995. He is scheduled for execution.

Buck’s supporters believe that his actions were a crime of passion, and therefore it is unlikely that he would commit a crime like this again. His attorneys argued that racist testimony unfairly prejudiced the jury against him.

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Texas City man faces murder, asssault, robbery charges

A Texas City man was recently arrested for three separate crimes after witnesses to each named him as a suspect. He now faces charges of murder, assault and robbery and was arrested last week by the Texas City Police Department.

The first incident was a robbery that occurred on May 6 at a home on 2nd St. North and the second was an assault case that occurred at an apartment complex on 6th Ave. North. Then, on June 6, a body of a 42-year-old man was found in a shed and another woman was shot in this case.

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