Two men arrested for DUI crimes after collisions on the same street

Two adult males have been arrested last Sunday, November 29 for driving while under the influence of alcohol and causing vehicular accidents, police officers in El Paso, Texas reported.

The men arrested were identified as Justin Estes and Andrew Gonzalez, who caused accidents on the 8900 block of Gateway East in the Lower Valley.

According to a preliminary investigation, the first crash happened at around 2:00 in the morning when Estes caused a two-vehicular collision around the area. Estes allegedly attempted to drive away from the collision, but officers were able to stop him before a chase began.

While police officers were working to document the first crash, Gonzalez, who was driving along that same stretch of road, crashed into a police car that was parked near the area and had its emergency lights on.

Estes and Gonzalez were charged with driving while intoxicated.

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Lindsay Lohan’s mother faces DWI charges

Dina Lohan, 50, pleaded not guilty to her drinking while intoxicated (DWI) charges during her arraignment on Tuesday, September 24.

She was arrested on September 12 for allegedly speeding on Northern State Parkway. She was then found to have a .20 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC) result from a breath test conducted. Lohan’s driver’s license was suspended, and she was released without bail.

Her attorney told reporters that, “I am confident that the district attorney’s office and the judicial system will temper justice with mercy.” He said that his client has only been a victim of a “challenging trilogy.”

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Dallas news anchor resigns from local NBC affiliate after pleading no contest in DWI case

Long-time Dallas news anchor Jane McGarry pleaded no contest to a driving while intoxicated charge resulting from a May arrest.

According to news reports, the 56-year-old woman was stopped by police on May 6th after failing to use a turn signal while changing lanes on the Dallas North Tollway.

Police stated that McGarry failed the field sobriety test administered to her, and she was found to have a blood alcohol content of .11. She has no priorDWI charges or arrests.

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