Dallas police civilian employee charged with theft

A former Dallas police employee was accused of allegedly stealing nearly $1,500 in a span of four months.

Jacquelin Holstein, 28, has been indicted on a state jail felony, which is punishable by a maximum of two years in prison, after being charged with one count of theft by a public servant.

The theft was discovered after a supervisor found discrepancies from deposits made by Holstein in an audit conducted in October. A total of at least $1,488 was missing from May to September of 2012.

According to police investigators, Holstein confessed to the allegations, saying that she was using the money for her own personal means. She has since resigned from her position.

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Police arrest two suspects connected in jewel theft cases

Houston police have arrested two people that allegedly were connected in a jewel theft case and 30 similar cases throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

The two men, both in the mid-40s, were arrested last week in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Police investigated the case for seven months before getting the lead on the two men.

In February, nearly $6 million worth of gold, diamonds, and watches were stolen from a jewelry store. According to officials, the suspects cut a hole in the roof over the jewelry store’s vault. A surveillance video shows the men dragging an object and loading it into a truck before driving off.

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Police arrest three burglary suspects

Denton police have arrested three people that have been suspected to be involved in two different theft cases.

In the first case, police responded to a robbery that was in progress at the time. They arrested a man that was carrying out a 40 inch T.V. while a partner drove the vehicle.

After arrested, the man told police that they bought a television earlier in the day, then went back into the store and stole an identical television and showed the receipt from earlier in the day when leaving the store.

The man said that his partner convinced him to do it because he claimed that he had done it multiple times before. Police arrested the man on a theft charge. The partner was later found on Interstate 35 and arrested. The third arrest was a man that was suspected of car theft.

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Police Seize Massive Collection of Stolen Property, Arrest 3

Three men were arrested Wednesday after Dallas police seized a massive cache of stolen property from a Haltom City apartment.

According to officials with the Dallas Police Department, officers seized enough stolen items to fill a 17-foot flatbed truck. Sgt. Gary Landers could not estimate the value of all the items, but said it must be thousands of dollars’ worth. The seized property included electronics, gold-plated flatware sets and a Bible with marriage certificates from the 1800s. Police also found a stamp and coin collection, televisions, stereo equipment, jewelry, swords, computers, and cameras.

Police arrested three men at the apartment: 20 year-old Troy Buckley, 49 year-old Lynn Buckley-Tyree, and 51 year-old James Thomas. All three suspects were booked in the Harmon City jail on theft charges. Their bail has not been set.

Buckly-Tyree and Thomas are also facing charges of manufacturing a controlled substance, police say. The bail for those charges have been set at $15,000.

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Dallas man arrested in suspicion of in the church thefts

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the theft of thousands of dollars worth of electronics  from the Highland Park United Methodist Church.

The 29-year-old man faces felony theft charges after multiple electronics came up missing. The items included a sound board, two blu-ray DVD players and one Mac computer.

The man was booked in the Dallas County jail under a $200,000 bail. The man is also a suspect in other church burglaries and has a history of theft in the Highland Park area. Police found the man because he sold the items to pawn shops using his real name. The police then recovered the stolen items and linked them to his name.

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Texas man charged with bank robbery

A 49-year-old man from Mohave County was charged with robbing a bank and was indicted last week.

The jury indicted the man with misdemeanor theft and armed robbery. He is currently being held in the county jail on a $250,000 bond and he will be arraigned on August 9. If convicted, the man faces up to 12 and a half years in prison.

The man is charged with robbing the Wells Fargo bank after giving the bank teller a note to give him money and made it known to her that he had a gun. The amount of money that he left with was not reported, but police officials later caught the man and arrested him.

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Three men charged with theft of cattle

Three Milam County men were arrested and charged with theft of livestock from a local ranch.

They were arrested in connection in the theft of seven cows. An investigation was going on for several days after a rancher reported that cattle were missing from a ranch.

An investigator found that the cattle were sold at an auction barn. The same investigators are involved in four other cases that have a total of 50 missing livestock.

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One person shot during attempted robbery in Dallas

A woman was shot while walking in downtown Dallas during an attempted robbery, near the AT&T building.

According to authorities, two women were walking down the street to the AT&T building where they are both employed, when a man approached them holding a gun. He asked the woman to give him her purse or he would shoot her. She refused, and said well, shoot me then. He then shot her in the head. The other woman ran to get help.

The gunman then fled the scene without the purse and is still being searched for. The victim was transported to the hospital and is expected to be okay.

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