Tornadoes touch down in Dallas leaving destroyed homes, buildings behind

Anywhere between six and thirteen tornadoes struck down in the Dallas and North Texas area yesterday. Luckily, there have not been any fatality reports, but many homes and buildings in the area were completely destroyed.

According to CNN, Officials will be in surveying the area for more accurate numbers on the damage that was caused by the storms and rescuers are still looking to make sure that no survivors are trapped underneath the rubble.

Thousands of people were stuck in the area when their flights did not take off from the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. Thousands stayed at hotels, while nearly 1,400 slept in the airport terminal.

Today, over 200 departures were still cancelled and officials are asking people to double check their flights before arriving at the airport in order to reduce traffic in the area.

The storms caused damage to over 100 airplanes. Lancaster, Texas, just south of Dallas, had nearly 300 buildings damaged in the storm and officials put a curfew on the city to ensure resident’s safety.

The thoughts of the Dallas criminal defense lawyers of the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter are with the families in the area who suffered home damage in the storm.

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