Online dating sites now check subscribers for history of sex crimes

Three online dating sites announced Monday that they will be screening their subscribers on the national sex offender registry in order to keep their users safe and prevent sexual assault. This rule was put into place after a woman in California was sexually assaulted on date found on a dating site., eHarmony and Spark Network all signed the petition in order to take a step forward in the their industry to protect their members the best way they can.

The petition does not hold any enforcement penalties, but does state that the sites are holding some account for their members’ safety. The sites will now give members safety tips, make it easy for a member to report abuse and screen subscribers on the national sex offender registry.

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Texas man released from prison after being wrongly convicted

Wednesday afternoon a 56-year-old Texas man was released from prison after his rape conviction was overturned by a judge.

The man served 31 years of his 99 year conviction before he was cleared of the charges against him. The trial took place in 1980 when the man was charged with rape and sexual assault in the Dallas area. He maintained that he was innocent throughout the entire process, even rejecting a deal that would have allowed him to serve only five years in prison.

According to reports, the Dallas Police failed to inform the court of information relating to a line-up in which one of the victims said that the 56-year-old was too small to be her attacker. The prosecution did not release this information, which possibly could have ended the trial 31 years ago.

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New legislation would give life sentences to repeat sex offenders in Texas

New legislation in Texas would mean that certain repeat sex offenders could receive life in prison without parole.

Last week, the bill was approved unanimously in the Texas House. These offenders would have to be convicted a second time of sex with a child under six years old or on a charge where weapons are used in a sex crime. The bill faces another obstacle before being sent to the Senate for approval.

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Innocent man convicted of rape to be released from prison

A 61-year old Dallas man convicted of rape in 1986 is set to be released from prison.  DNA evidence recently proved Larry Sims was not the man who raped a woman at a Dallas hotel.

This past Thursday, Sims attended a meeting at the Crowley Courthouse where a judge agreed, based on the DNA evidence, that Sims was not guilty and offered him his apologizes on behalf of the state for sending him to prison for 25 years.  Sims was released on bail after the decision.  However, Sims has not been officially exonerated.  In order to be officially exonerated, Sims will need to file writ or seek a pardon.

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