Greg Hardy charged on a felony count of cocaine possession

Twenty-eight-year-old former National Football League defensive end Gregory McKarl Hardy, who plays for the Dallas Cowboys and the Carolina Panthers, was indicted on a single felony count of cocaine possession last Monday, November 7 in a Dallas County, Texas courtroom, following his September arrest.

Court documents showed that Hardy was caught in the possession of an estimated weight of 0.7 grams of cocaine. Under Texas state law, Hardy is facing imprisonment and fines, although Hardy can negotiate a plea deal in order to get off having to go to jail.

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Two in custody after drug arrest

Two people, ages 49 and 21, were in custody in Midland after police were on manhunt for them because of drug charges.

The 49-year-old man was arrested for conspiracy to posses with intent to distribute methamphetamine.  The 21-year-old woman is charged with concealing and harboring a fugitive. The two were found after an investigation by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

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Former N.E. Patriot arrested in Texas drug bust

A former safety for the New England Patriots, Willie Andrews, has been arrested in Texas after a recent investigation into drug trafficking.

The former player was one of 13 people that were arrested in suspicion of being involved in this large drug trafficking ring. The suspects were charged with conspiracy to possess with intent of distributing hydrocodone and the possession of a fire arm during a drug trafficking crime.

The defendants could face up to 10 years in prison if they are found guilty of the drug charges and up to life for the firearm charges. This is the second time that Andrews has been in trouble for drug possession. After this incident, he was let go from the Patriots.

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Actor, Chace Crawford, makes deal in drug possession case

Actor and star of ‘Gossip Girl,’ Chace Crawford, has struck a deal involving his arrest for marijuana possession.

Crawford reached a deal with the judge that stated that he will pay for his arrest by completely 24 hours of community service and remain on probation.

The actor was arrested last summer in Plano, Texas when he was found with marijuana in his car. The charges will eventually drop off if he stays out of trouble and meets with a probation officer monthly.

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Chace Crawford arrested for marijuana possession in Plano

Chace Crawford, actor on CW’s Gossip Girl was arrested for marijuana possession in Plano, Texas on June 4.

Crawford, 24, who is from Texas, but resides in New York City where his show is filmed, was picked up in Plano outside of Ringo’s Pub in a parked vehicle just after midnight. He was found with two ounces of weed and charged with a misdemeanor. Crawford immediately posted bail.

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