Dallas police use decoy vehicles with cameras to catch burglars

Since last January, the Dallas Police Department has used decoy vehicles equipped with surveillance cameras to catch people attempting to steal cars.  The police simply leave the decoy vehicles parked with a hidden camera in objects like golf clubs and Christmas presents.

Currently, Dallas police only have two decoy vehicles and have made 10 arrests using them.  Another vehicle is about to be added to the police’s fleet and officials are working on raising money for more.

Police claim that burglary numbers have decreased by over 600 offenses in the past year since implementing the decoy car program.  Law enforcement officers are pushing to expand the program because they say the cameras provide indisputable proof of criminal activity.

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Woman indicted in fatal DWI wreck

A woman has been indicted for the death of a bicyclist she allegedly hit in a DWI accident.

The woman was driving a Kia when she struck a 33-year-old bicyclist. A Breathalyzer test at the scene measured her blood alcohol content at 0.08 and the police officer on the scene originally said that alcohol was not the cause of the incident. The driver claims that she only had one cocktail and she did not see the bicyclist until after she hit him. A court date has not been scheduled, but the driver is currently out on bond.

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Wichita Falls man suspected in Dallas robbery case

Dallas Police Officers arrested a man from Wichita Falls who is suspected to be involved in a Dallas robbery case.

The 53-year-old man was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of robbery. He was also charged with violation of parole. The Dallas robbery occurred at a Whole Foods store when a woman was loading groceries into her car. He knocked her down took her ring and necklace, which were valued at $90,000. Surveillance video and a partial license plate led detectives to the man.

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