Fort Worth man recaptured after fleeing his sexual abuse trial

Thirty-four-year-old in Fort Worth in Tarrant County, Texas resident Jayson Neil Sparks, who has skipped out on his sex abuse trial at the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center on Wednesday, August 3 was recaptured on Friday, August 5 in a wooded area near Lake Worth.

In an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Patrick Curran, Sparks’ legal counsel, said that the local authorities were able to trace Sparks’ cellphone, which led to his recapture.

Sparks was convicted of one count of continuous sexual abuse on Thursday, August 4 and was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment.

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Allen sex offender faces multiple criminal charges

In January Joshua Leroy Karr, 31, was charged with online solicitation of a minor and sexual assault of a child.

Karr was incarcerated at the Collin County Jail on Thursday, January 30. His bail was initially set at $50,000, but was amended to $500,000 by the District Attorney’s Office “due to the nature of the offense and the circumstances under which it was committed.”

Karr was previously arrested in December 2003 after allegedly trying to force middle school girls into his car.

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