Defense faces challenges in Boston bombing trial

Twenty-one-year-old Kyrgyzstan national Dzhokar Tsarnaev is currently facing 30 charges in relation to the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing in Massachusetts that caused the death of three people and wounded over 260 others. Jury trial for this case began on January 5, according to an online NPR article.

Northeastern University law professor Daniel Medwed, who attested to the pile of evidence implicating Tsarnaev to the crime, said the trial will not question whether or not Tsarnaev is guilty; it will likely be a matter of deciding whether or not he receives the death penalty.

The defense panel will fight hard to negate this notion. CBS News reported that the defense strategy is to prove that Tsarnaev was manipulated and controlled by his older brother, who influenced him to take part in the crime.

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