Appeals court reverses decision that halted Tommy Lynn Sells execution

On Wednesday, April 2, the Fifth United States Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans reversed a ruling made by U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore that required the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to provide more details regarding the lethal injection drugs that it uses on death row criminals. This made the temporary injunction on Tommy Lynn Sells impending execution void.

Gilmore’s decision was supposed to halt the execution of convicted serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells, but the appellate decision reversed the decision, resulting in Sells being put to death on Thursday, April 3.

Gilmore wanted to know where Texas got its supply of lethal injection drugs from, to which officials responded that the identity of the supplier must remain unknown to protect the company’s well-being from acts of violence and insisted that the sedative pentobarbital that comes from this supplier is indeed potent.

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