9th DWI charge leads to conviction of Montgomery man

A 53-year-old man from Montgomery County, Texas was sentenced to 30 years in jail after entering a guilty plea for his ninth DWI offense during a jury trial at Conroe’s 221st State District Court on Monday, August 19.

Court records show that Kevin Michael Koch was arrested for the ninth time for DWI on Walden Road near Lake Conroe on September 30, 2011. Assistant District Attorney Vince Santini said Koch’s notorious string of DWI violations, which began in 1980 led to Koch’s most serious conviction to date and prevented his request for probation to be granted.

Santini said that it took the prosecution a lot of time to gather all the DWI records of Koch, which was credited to the hard work of Montgomery County police investigator Heather Cash.

Koch is still being held at the Montgomery County jail, from which he will be transferred to a prison to serve at least 7 years before becoming eligible for probation.

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