Suspects sentenced in armored car robbery

Multiple people have been sentenced in the robbery of an armored car that occurred in Mesquite, Texas in May 2010.

A total of nine people were convicted in the case and the highest settlement was a convicted gunmen who will serve 210 months in a federal prison. Eight others, all Dallas residents, were convicted and their sentencing ranged from 48 months to 168 months in prison.

The documents on the case show that the defendants and accomplices stole $421,000 from a Loomis armored car that was at the Bank of America. One man initiated the idea and several others helped to plan it. Defendants have stated that a Bank of America employee told those involved what time the truck would be there.

The Loomis driver entered the bank and left with $412,000. Two defendants put him at gunpoint, took the money and ran with it. Two suspects were arrested at the scene and DNA helped to arrest several others.

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