Arlington police arrest wrong man on murder charges

Fransisco Daniel Romero was recently arrested and accused of murder after being pulled over by an Arlington police officer.  Romero was pulled over for a traffic offense, but upon looking up his driver’s license number and birth date, the police found an arrest warrant for a man with the same name who is suspected of a murder 11 years ago.  Both Fransisco Daniel Romero and the man who has a warrant for arrest, Fransisco Javier Ortiz Romero, were born on October 4th, 1969 and have a wife named Sandra.

Fransisco Daniel Romero repeatedly told police that he was innocent and despite a lack of photo or fingerprint identification from the suspect, the Arlington police confirmed the warrant and turned Romero over to the Dallas County Jail.  Romeo has no criminal record, not even a traffic offense, has maintained employment, and became a permanent resident of the United States in 2002.  Fortunately, the suspect’s former wife Sandra was called in and notified the police that they had the wrong Romero.

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