Dallas police officers accused of beating DWI suspect

A DWI suspect is accusing two Dallas Police officers of beating him after they found him in front of his home.

According to the man, the incident occurred when two undercover police spotted him outside of his home. The man has admitted that he has a lengthy criminal history and had been drinking and driving earlier that morning.

The man then said that the police officers grabbed him out of his truck, knocked him down and began to kick him in the face. The man said that the officers then left him in his driveway and his girlfriend and daughter found him beaten in the front yard.

The officers did not arrest him or call for any medical help. Other officers were called to investigate why the original officers had not arrested the man even though he had many outstanding warrants. The undercover officers told investigators that the man lunged at them so they were forced to take him down, but there is still a question why the man was not arrested.

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