Texas police use No Refusal weekend on July 4

Many Texas police departments, such as Smith County, will be implementing ‘No Refusal’ weekends on July 4 in order to try and crack down on drunken drivers during the holiday weekend.

Many agencies use DWI checkpoints during weekends where heavy drinking is expected but this year, Smith County plans to implement the ‘No Refusal’ campaign from July 2 through July 4. Many officers will be on duty in order to keep an extra eye out for safety because the holiday falls on a weekend.

This year, the county is using the ‘no refusal’ policy which means that if a driver is pulled over for suspected drunk driving the officer can report to a judge and if their is reasonable cause, the judge can issue a search warrant to have a nurse draw blood from the person. Although ‘no refusal’ weekends have had some backlash they are becoming more popular because it is proof of intoxication.

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