What is a Threat?

Most people have a fairly consistent idea of what is meant by the word “threat.” In the legal world, the term has a similar meaning to that which it is given in its everyday context. Even so, there are some statements that a person may not consider a serious threat that can considered a criminal or terroristic threat under the guidelines of the law.

Multiple Definitions of Threats

As is the case with many legal terms, the exact definition of a threat or threatening behavior varies depending on where you look. Possibilities include:

  • Intentionally putting another person in fear of imminent bodily injury
  • Intentional behavior or words causing someone to perceive they are at risk of physical or mental damage
  • A menace of destruction or injury to lives or property

Types of Threats

The following are a few examples of actions that could be considered criminal or terroristic threats:

  • Calling in a phony bomb threat
  • Vandalism promising violence against a group or individual
  • Making a family feel unwelcome or endangered because of their beliefs
  • Using the potential for violent actions as a leveraging tool
  • Harassing organizations (such as churches or clinics) via mail or e-mail

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