Trying Juveniles as Adults

Most people have heard of court cases where individuals under the legal adult age classification are nonetheless tried as adults. These cases generally get more press than similar cases without this added factor, and rightfully so. Being convicted as an adult can have serious consequences that follow a juvenile throughout the rest of his or her life. Why, then, are some juveniles tried in adult courts?

There are a variety of reasons that a minor may be tried as an adult, and the specifics vary greatly from state to state, as does the age at which a person legally becomes an adult (17 in many states, including Texas, 16 or 18 in others). If your child is facing criminal charges, an experienced legal professional can help ensure that his or her rights are protected. Contact Dallas criminal defense lawyer Mark T. Lassiter today at (214) 845-7007 for more information.

When Does It Happen?

A juvenile can be tried as an adult under a variety of circumstances, including when:

  • The case deals with a violent crime such as murder or armed robbery.
  • The judge determines that the case will be better handled by an adult court.
  • The crime falls under a category that can only be tried in adult courts.

Even if a minor is tried as an adult, his or her sentencing may come with certain stipulations. For example, as a rule, minors are not placed in adult prison facilities.

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