The Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

In Texas, drug crimes are taken very seriously by prosecutors and law enforcement officials. Therefore, you can be charged with a drug-related crime even if you are caught with drug paraphernalia and no actual drugs. This includes items used in the growth or production of drugs as well as devices used to inhale, ingest, or otherwise absorb drugs.

Law enforcement officials sometimes mistakenly charge individuals with drug paraphernalia possession if they simply have devices or objects that appear similar to drug paraphernalia. If you have been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, you should contact an experienced Dallas drug crime attorney from the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter today at (214) 845-7007 for a free case evaluation.

What Counts as Drug Paraphernalia?

Drug paraphernalia generally includes everything related to creating, distributing, or taking a drug. You must knowingly and intentionally have possession of these items in order to be charged with this crime. Additionally, you can be charged with this crime if you have any of these items and intend to deliver them to another person for the propagation of drugs. Devices used to conceal drugs can count as drug paraphernalia as well.

Legal Consequences of Possessing Drug Paraphernalia

Possession of drug paraphernalia is a class C misdemeanor punishable by up to $500 in fines. If you are convicted of this possession with intent to distribute drugs, you may face a class A misdemeanor. Punishments for this offense can include mandatory jail sentences if you sell to someone under 18 or if you are caught a second time.

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