Tampering with a Witness Crimes

When a person is accused of a crime and knows which witnesses may be used against them during trial, they may take action to interfere with these witnesses in providing testimony or evidence. However, such interference is illegal and is grounds for tampering with a witness charges. According to the Texas penal code, tampering with a witness is prosecuted as a state jail felony and, depending on how severe the action is a person takes to prevent the witness from testifying, could cause a person to face extremely serious penalties.

Defining Witness Tampering Allegations

A person arrested on witness tampering allegations may face sharp penalties if they’re convicted, making it critical to have a strong defense. A person may face such charges if they coerce or bribe:

  • The witness to provide false testimony
  • The witness to excuse themselves from the trial
  • The witness to exclude pieces of physical evidence from the trial
  • The witness to delay the trial
  • The witness to elude a court summons

Additionally, a person could find themselves facing even more severe penalties if they attempt or threaten violence against a witness in an effort to stop them from testifying.

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