Possession of Marijuana

When an individual possesses marijuana, it typically means that he or she has marijuana either with him or her physically or in his or her home, car, or other property. It is possible, however, that an individual can indirectly possess marijuana.

This is the case when an individual is in the company of another person who possess marijuana. Even though the individual may not know that the person has the drug on them, he or she may still be considered legally in possession.

When Am I in Possession?

An individual is in possession of marijuana whenever he or she:

  • Has marijuana in his or her car, home, or belongings
  • Possesses drug paraphernalia

This presents a problem for a number of reasons. Most notably, the law does not take into account that an individual may unknowingly be in possession of marijuana. For instance, you may be charged with marijuana possession when:

  • You ride in a car with someone who has marijuana
  • You are in a home with marijuana in it
  • Someone leaves marijuana among your belongings

In these cases, you may be charged with possession. It is important to note that in some instances, multiple people can be charged with possessing the same marijuana. Therefore, the correct person may face drug charges, but so might you.

Punishment for Marijuana Possession

Marijuana laws have gotten more lenient over the years, and simple possession of marijuana rarely leads to more than a misdemeanor offense. Still, a misdemeanor offense stays on your criminal record, and you may have to pay fines and attend substance abuse course as punishment.

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