Outline of Penalty Group Punishment Ranges

The Texas Controlled Substances Act outlaws the possession of certain substances. The law sorts these illegal substances into four “Penalty Groups”. The potential sentences associated with a conviction vary according to the classification. Penalty Group 1 has the most severe punishments while Penalty Group 4 has the least severe. However, the punishments for Penalty Group 4 can still be tremendously disruptive for one’s life.

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Aspects of Penalty Groups

Each Penalty Group is typically further subdivided into four smaller ranges. The first range is the punishment for possessing less than one gram of the controlled substance. The second range is for possession of between one and four grams. The third is the penalty for possession of more than four grams, but less than 400 grams and the fourth division is for having more than 400 grams of a controlled substance. Typical fourth-level punishment may lead to a life sentence.

The exceptions are Penalty Group 1-A, which contains only LSD (commonly known as Acid) and Penalty Group 4, which begins differently, but ends up with the same amounts. The fourth level punishment range for group 1-A begins at greater than 8,000 “abuse units” of LSD.

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