Insurance Fraud

People purchase many different types of insurance in order to help protect them against everything from natural disasters to car wrecks. In many cases, the insurance company serves to help you when accidents happen. However, sometimes people choose to seek unlawful financial gain from insurance providers. This is called insurance fraud.

Insurance fraud costs billions of dollars a year. In fact, a 2003 joint estimate by an insurance company and the U.S. government found that health insurance fraud alone cost $85 billion. Thus, it is no surprise that both the government and individual insurance agencies are serious about pursuing people who commit fraud.

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Types of Insurance Fraud Schemes

There are many ways in which people defraud insurance companies. Some common areas and types of fraud include:

  • Life insurance – there have been many cases of faked deaths in order to collect life insurance
  • Healthcare insurance – can be committed by physicians who over-report services as well as patients who can pretend they have medical conditions in order to collect prescription drugs
  • Auto insurance – filing claims for injuries not related to a car accident, staging auto accidents to collect funds
  • Property/home insurance – the most common type of this fraud involves arson

Of course, you could actually be a true victim of arson or other disasters that can befall your life. Sometimes, though, an insurance company may choose to investigate fraud in order to save themselves the payout.

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