How Long Will a Felony Stay on My Record?

Unfortunately for anyone convicted of a felony, the crime will appear on your record indefinitely. In many states there is no option for expunging the crime from your record if you were found guilty. This can be extremely detrimental to efforts to find employment, rent or buy a home, or to obtain a loan, but does not make moving forward from this challenging time impossible.

If you are concerned about your options with a felony charge on your record, seek professional legal counsel to fully understand the options available. Contact the law offices of Dallas criminal defense attorney Mark T. Lassiter at (214) 845-7007 to speak to a member of our team about your rights to a defense today.

Factors in Your Felony Record

Felony convictions are associated with degrees of severity. These can affect the penalties associated with each and how seriously your record will be questioned in the future. A background check will alert a prospective employer or renter that you have a criminal past, and while this gives them reason to question your eligibility, you also have the right to defend your situation and explain any extenuating circumstances regarding your conviction.

There are many companies and programs in place that specialize in helping people with criminal records find jobs, take out loans, and lease property. Investigating the options in your area may be helpful in moving forward.

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