Gambling in Texas

Texas is one of many states where gambling in public is illegal. Gambling laws are not necessarily as straightforward as one might assume, however. There are numerous ways in which Texans can gamble legally. Most laws aim at stopping people from profiting by running gambling circles, not from the gambling itself. This is why gambling offences are Class C misdemeanors while gambling promotion offenses are Class A misdemeanors.

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Gambling Laws

Under Texas law, a bet is defined as an agreement to win or lose something of value by chance. Gambling is making bets on the outcomes of events, elections, or games. This is a Class C misdemeanor unless:

  • The bet occurred in a private place
  • The only economic gains made were personal winnings
  • All participants had an equal chance of winning and losing (outside of skill and luck)

Gambling promoters are the ones who are more likely to face legal issues. People who collect bets or profit setting up bets are the ones gambling laws aim to restrict.

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