Expunging Drug Charges From Your Record

If you have been convicted of a drug-related crime, your criminal record will often reflect that conviction for a set period of time or permanently. Having a criminal record with a history of drug charges may interfere with your ability to find work and apply for certain programs.

Luckily, the United States legal system may allow you to expunge a drug-related conviction from your criminal record. When a person is granted an expungement, a court will often seal the records of the individual’s criminal conviction, making it as if the crime never happened.

Obtaining an Expungement in Texas

To qualify for an expungement in Texas, an individual must meet certain requirements. Typically, these requirements are:

  • The individual was found guilty of a Class C misdemeanor and completed deferred adjudication
  • The individual was found not guilty for any crime, including a Class C misdemeanor

Individuals who meet one of these requirements may be eligible for an expungement. For drug charges specifically, this means that an individual may be eligible for an expungement when he or she was convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia or was found not guilty of another drug crime.

What Drug Crime Expungement Means for You

A drug crime expungement can dismiss:

  • Any drug-related arrests that did not lead to a conviction
  • Convictions of Class C drug misdemeanors

When a court expunges drug crimes from your record, it can no longer release those records legally. Most notably, this means that you can deny ever committing the wrongdoing, and the arrest or conviction will not show up on your criminal record.

It is important to note that certain exemptions to this rule do apply. Most commonly, these exemptions apply when individuals:

  • Are under oath
  • Apply for military service
  • Apply for government jobs

In these cases, individuals must disclose their expunged records if questioned about previous criminal records. Failure to do so may lead to further criminal charges.

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