Embezzlement Defenses

Embezzlement is a serious crime under Texas law. The punishments for embezzlement change based on the amount of stolen money or assets. The more a person is accused of embezzling, the harsher the potential punishment they face will be. Once the value of embezzled items exceeds $200,000, the crime is considered a first degree felony and is punishable by up to 99 years in prison, as well as large criminal fines.

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Types of Defenses

Being accused of embezzling is a very serious matter. The people who once trusted you to handle their funds or assets are now alleging that you stole from them. Facing these kinds of charges is not easy on an emotional level, and on the legal level it can be even more difficult to contend with. However, some possible defenses against this damaging accusation include:

  • The alleged embezzler made an honest mistake
  • The accused embezzler was acting under someone else’s orders
  • The defendant intended to return the funds

Your attorney will be able to choose the best defense for your specific case.

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