DUI Child Endangerment

Alcohol has many different effects on your body. Besides relaxing you, it can cause you to lose your coordination as well as dull your reactions. Additionally, alcohol can trick you into believing that you are sober enough to drive even when your blood alcohol content may be above the legal limit. Sadly, if you choose to drive drunk, you are a danger to yourself, your passengers, and the other drivers around you.

In many states, people who drive while intoxicated can be punished more severely if they choose to drive with a child in the car. Some states consider this a form of child endangerment or abuse, but Texas’ legal system has a separate law to charge those who drive drunk with children in the vehicle. This is a very serious crime that can permanently affect your record.

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The Child Endangerment – Drunk Driving Protection Act

Many states, such as New York, are passing statues that place harsher strictures on inebriated drivers who have children in their car. In Texas, a person can be charged with “DWI with Child Passenger” if he or she is operating a motor vehicle with a passenger under the age of 15.

In some cases, this crime can be counted as a state felony. Even if this is your first offense, you may still face jail time and fines for drunk driving with a child passenger. Of course, if the child is injured while a passenger to a drunk driver, the consequences may be even more severe.

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