Drug Possession Defenses

Facing drug possession charges is distressing. The potential punishments for being convicted of possessing an illegal substance are substantial and life-altering. Imprisonment and harsh fines are difficult to face on their own, but a drug conviction can have additional far-reaching consequences on a person’s career options as well. It is imperative that anyone facing these kinds of charges seek an aggressive lawyer who will fight vigorously to protect their rights and interests.

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Common Drug Possession Defenses

While it may seem like a lost cause upon first glance, there are numerous ways to defend against the charge of possessing a controlled substance. There are a number of different claims and strategies that can be used to derail the prosecution’s case. Some of the most common drug possession defenses include:

  • Claiming the drugs were not yours
  • Demanding to see the evidence in court (Sometimes, agencies lose track of items)
  • Asserting the defendant’s belongings were searched unlawfully
  • Entrapment

A capable and committed attorney can help you to identify which, if any, of these strategies might be applicable in your case.

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