Defenses against Murder Charges

Murder charges are among the most difficult criminal charges a person can face. A conviction in Texas could result in a death sentence or life imprisonment. With such serious consequences looming as a possibility, an individual who stands accused of committing a murder simply cannot afford to delay seeking aggressive and experienced legal representation.

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Accepted Defenses to Murder

In order to prove a first degree murder accusation, the prosecution must establish that the defendant willfully and intentionally acted on a premeditated plan to kill another. This is not an easy group of facts to gather and present, and there are a number of defense strategies which can help to undermine a flawed case. The following, however, represent recognized defenses which may justify the taking of another person’s life:

  • Self-defense
  • Defense of others
  • Acting in the line of duty
  • Mistaken identity

Each case is different, but the standards of justice remain the same. Your attorney’s principal responsibility is to cast doubt upon claims made by the prosecution or to persuasively argue why your actions were justified.

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