Criminal Destruction of a Flag

So-called “flag-burning laws” are highly controversial criminal laws that prevent a person from destroying or mutilating a state or national flag. Although the laws are commonly referred to as “flag-burning laws,” any form of destruction may be considered a criminal offense. If a person is charged with a flag destruction crime, he or she may face serious criminal penalties. If convicted, these allegations bring about a Class A misdemeanor.

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Desecration of National and State Flags in Texas

Flag-burning laws in Texas can carry some serious penalties if a person is convicted, especially if the individual faces related charges such as disorderly conduct or has been previously convicted of other crimes. However, this law specifically states that the object in question under this statute is a flag capable of being flown on a staff. The following items are exempt from this law:

  • Flag-shaped jewelry
  • Clothing with flags printed on them
  • Printed documents and stationery with flags
  • Photographs and paintings of flags

Other exemptions may be applied if a person is disposing of a damaged or soiled flag.

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