Benefits of Plea Bargains

When a person is charged with a crime, they likely have several options available for their defense strategy, including making plea bargains. This option allows a person charged with a crime to work with the prosecution to develop some sort of compromise regarding their charges and penalties. As the term suggests, plea bargains require a defendant to agree to plead a certain way, typically resulting in the prosecution reducing the penalties or charges sharply as a result. Although this may guarantee some degree of punishment for the crime, it can reduce the overall punishment drastically in some cases.

What Reductions Are Available through Plea Bargains?

Although a defendant certainly doesn’t need to accept any plea bargains proposed by the prosecution, he or she may want to consider what kinds of benefits these agreements can provide. The following may be available through plea bargains:

  • Jail sentencing may be greatly reduced, if not replaced by an alternative mode of sentencing
  • Long-term penalties, such as punitive loss of privileges, may be cut from sentencing
  • The severity of a sentence may be reduced all-around, including any imprisonment, fines, or probation

If a defendant is interested in accepting a plea bargain, they may want to discuss their options with a legal advisor. In some cases, a defense attorney may be able to pressure prosecutors to change otherwise unfavorable terms in a plea bargain.

Learn More about Plea Bargains

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