Are the Police Allowed to Monitor Criminal Suspects?

While the police are required to obtain warrants in most cases, there are certain investigative tactics that law enforcement officials may utilize that don’t require the court’s permission. This can help them build evidence in cases such as sex crimes or drug crimes. If the police step beyond these legal allowances, though, the information they procure cannot be used by the prosecution. In these situations, the dedicated attorneys of the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter can help criminal defendants in Dallas have this illegal evidence removed from their cases.

Police Search and Monitoring Rules for Criminal Suspects

At the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, we believe that criminal defendants in Dallas should have a fair chance at defending themselves against their charges. In situations where the prosecution has obtained evidence or information unlawfully, a dedicated legal defense team can help show that the police broke the laws and that the evidence shouldn’t be admitted in the trial.

Laws regarding warrantless monitoring include the following provisions:

  • Police can search or monitor suspects in public spaces
  • Once a suspect moves to a private location, the police must obtain a warrant to continue monitoring him or her
  • Police may chase after a suspect at the scene of a crime
  • Police can’t attach GPS trackers onto suspects or their vehicles without a warrant
  • Police can’t tap phone calls or track internet use without a warrant

In addition to these rules, police may be limited in keeping up with long-term monitoring programs without a warrant. Depending on the techniques being used and the length of the monitoring scheme, the police may be required to go to the courts for further permission.

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