Director Randall Miller pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter

Randall Miller, director of Midnight Rider, a film based on the life of rock and blues singer-songwriter Gregg Allman, pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass on March 9 before the Chatham County Superior Court in Savannah, Georgia, according to a Billboard article.

The charge was in relation to the death of the film’s camera assistant Sarah Jones on the set of the film when a train barreled through the area where the crew was filming in February 2014. There were no permits or safety measures set up to protect the film crew, and Jones was killed by the train.

Miller agreed to a two-year jail sentence as part of the plea, and the case against his wife Jody Savin was dismissed.

The plaintiffs – Richard and Elizabeth Jones, the victim’s parents – also filed civil lawsuits (wrongful death) aside from the criminal case against Miller, which are against Midnight Rider’s filmmakers; Unclaimed Freight Productions, the production company; Open Road Films, the distributor; CSX Transportation, the railroad company; and Allman himself.

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Chapel Hill homicide suspect appeared in court

Forty-six-year-old Craig Stephen Hicks, the suspect in the shooting deaths of three Muslim college students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, made his first court appearance at the Durham County Detention Center on February 11, where he asked for a public defender, the Raleigh News & Observer reported.

Hicks is on trial for three counts of first-degree murder after allegedly shooting his neighbors in the Finley Forest apartment condominium complex. The victims were identified as 23-year-old Deah Shaddy Barakat, his 21-year-old wife Yusor Abu-Salha, and her 19-year-old sister Razan Abu-Salha. The latter is a Raleigh resident and was visiting the couple in their home.

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‘American Sniper’ murder suspect proposed to girlfriend a day before

Jennifer Weed said that 27-year-old Eddie Ray Routh, who is suspected of killing 40-year-old U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, asked for her hand in marriage a day before Kyle was shot to death in a shooting range in Erath County, Texas, USA Today reported on February 19.

Kyle has been dubbed the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, with 160 confirmed kills. Routh is currently on trial as a suspect in the deaths of both Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield.

The trial of Routh has received controversial attention, especially since Kyle became famous for his book titled American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History, and the recent movie American Sniper.

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Anna father not guilty over toddler son’s death

Thirty-three-year-old Anna, Texas resident Joshua Cartee, who was charged with one count of manslaughter and two counts of criminally negligent homicide over the hot car death of his two-year-old son Jorden in 2013, was declared not guilty on February 5, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Specifically, Cartree was found not guilty of one count of manslaughter and one count of criminally negligent homicide; prosecutors stated that they are planning to go to trial again on the third count.

Jurors in his case deliberated for over six and a half hours before coming to a unanimous verdict of his acquittal. However, they told the judge handling the case that they could not come to an unanimous decision regarding the third count.

In 2013, the Cartree toddler escaped the home in 90-degree weather while his father was sleeping, climbed into their vehicle in the driveway and was found four hours later, unresponsive. Most jurors classified the incident as a “preventable accident.”

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Plastic surgeon charged with murder moves to reduce his $10M bond

A plastic surgeon from Amarillo being help on capital murder by remuneration charges moved to reduce his $10 million bond, according to

Dr. Thomas Dixon’s attorney called the bond “excessive and oppressive.” His mother has testified at his first bond hearing, saying that their family has gone through significant financial hardships due to the cost of the trial and the absence of Dixon’s income.  His lawyer also argued that he is not a flight risk because he surrendered his passport and has strong business and financial ties to the Amarillo community. Dixon said he would agree to GPS tracking.

Dixon is accused of paying his business partner, David Neal Shepard, to murder Dr. Joseph Sonnier, who at that time had been dating Dixon’s ex-girlfriend. The initial trial resulted in a hung jury. Dixon has had no prior criminal history.

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Dallas assistant DA suspended after DWI arrest

Members of the Dallas Police Department took 28-year-old DeSoto, Texas resident and Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Justin Moore into custody and charged him with driving while intoxicated on January 4, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

The police said they saw Moore swerving through traffic, tailgating, and almost colliding with another vehicle as he was driving along Highway 67 near Loop 12. According to Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk, the District Attorney’s Office has decided to suspend Moore without pay “until we can review the facts surrounding his arrest and make any further decisions.”

Moore has been serving in the county office since July of last year and graduated with a law degree from the Southern Methodist University.

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Defense faces challenges in Boston bombing trial

Twenty-one-year-old Kyrgyzstan national Dzhokar Tsarnaev is currently facing 30 charges in relation to the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing in Massachusetts that caused the death of three people and wounded over 260 others. Jury trial for this case began on January 5, according to an online NPR article.

Northeastern University law professor Daniel Medwed, who attested to the pile of evidence implicating Tsarnaev to the crime, said the trial will not question whether or not Tsarnaev is guilty; it will likely be a matter of deciding whether or not he receives the death penalty.

The defense panel will fight hard to negate this notion. CBS News reported that the defense strategy is to prove that Tsarnaev was manipulated and controlled by his older brother, who influenced him to take part in the crime.

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Dallas Assistant DA Arrested, Charged with DWI

According to several news outlets, Justin Moore, Dallas County Assistant District Attorney, was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI). Police pulled Moore over at around 2:45 am on Sunday, January 4th, after observing erratic driving behaviors, including tailgating, speeding, and weaving in and out of his lane.

According to police reports, Moore refused to exit his car when asked to by law enforcement, and was subsequently taken into custody on suspicion of drunk driving. He was later booked at the Dallas County jail on charges of DWI.

According to the District Attorney’s office, Moore has been suspended without pay until his arrest and charges can be further investigated.

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Soap opera actor charged with DUI after Ohio car accident

Twenty-six-year-old Days of Our Lives actor Freddie Matthew Smith is facing charges of felony vehicular assault and misdemeanor driving under the influence after he crashed in Ashtabula, Ohio, resulting in his girlfriend’s injury, according to the Associated Press on November 18.

The rollover crash caused the serious injury of Smith’s girlfriend, 27-year-old actress Alyssa Tabit. Smith himself suffered mild injuries.

Local law enforcement agents said Smith, who had returned to his Ohio hometown, had been legally drunk at the time of the incident with a blood alcohol concentration of .093, which is higher than the state’s legal limit of .08.

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Man caught with more than a pound of marijuana charged

Narcotics police officers reported that they captured 29-year-old gang member Jonathan Lugo after a house raid that found him with more than a pound of marijuana on November 4 in Dallas, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Lugo is currently incarcerated in the Dallas County Jail and was assigned a $3,500 bond. He confessed to the authorities upon interrogation that he was a member of the gang Tango Blast, which is renowned for selling illegal drugs all over Texas.Lugo also told the police officers that he sold marijuana from his father’s house in southwest Dallas and showed them his gang tattoo.

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