Convicted murderer put to death after Supreme Court rejects lawyers’ demand

Forty-nine-year-old convicted serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells was executed on Thursday, April 3 in Texas after the United States Supreme Court turned down his defense lawyers’ demand that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice reveal its source of the lethal injection drug used on prisoners sentenced to death, the very same drug that was used on Sells.

Sells’ lawyers argued that they needed to know and verify that the pentobarbital that will be used for the execution had not yet expired. This contention stemmed from rumors that similar drugs, which came from a compounding facility in Houston, were of substandard quality.

However, prison officials were of the contention that the pharmacy’s identity and whereabouts must remain undisclosed to protect people affiliated with the company from being exposed to violence from other parties.

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Appeals court reverses decision that halted Tommy Lynn Sells execution

On Wednesday, April 2, the Fifth United States Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans reversed a ruling made by U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore that required the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to provide more details regarding the lethal injection drugs that it uses on death row criminals. This made the temporary injunction on Tommy Lynn Sells impending execution void.

Gilmore’s decision was supposed to halt the execution of convicted serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells, but the appellate decision reversed the decision, resulting in Sells being put to death on Thursday, April 3.

Gilmore wanted to know where Texas got its supply of lethal injection drugs from, to which officials responded that the identity of the supplier must remain unknown to protect the company’s well-being from acts of violence and insisted that the sedative pentobarbital that comes from this supplier is indeed potent.

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Pistorius murder trial continues

The trial  for Olympic runner, Oscar Pistorius, is currently underway. Pistorius is pleading not guilty to the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius shot Steenkamp one year ago in Pretoria, South Africa on Valentines day.

On Tuesday, March 11 Darren Fresco, an friend of Pistorius, told the court that Pistorius fired a gun in public on two separate occasions, once through a sunroof and once in a restaurant.

Pistorius has been charged with premeditated murder for the death of Steenkamp. Pistorius claims that the shooting was the result of mistaken identity, claiming that he thought Steenkamp was a dangerous intruder.

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Jury determine punishment for Austin murder case

A jury is currently deliberating between life in prison or the death penalty for Brandon Daniels. In April of 2012, Daniels shot and killed police officer, Jaime Padron at a North Austin Wal-Mart.

The prosecution and defense parties made their closing arguments on Friday, February 28. In his closing argument, Assistant District Attorney Gary Cobb reminded jurors that Daniels’ crime was premeditated since he brought a loaded gun to the scene of the crime. 

As a rebuttal, defense attorneys said Daniels shouldn’t be given the death penalty because his battle with depression may have lead him to act violently.

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Texas teen avoids jail time after fatal car accident

Ethan Couch, 16, responsible for causing a fatal Texas car accident, was sentenced to ten years of probation on Wednesday, February 5.

The June 2013 accident resulted in the death of four people. Couch was driving under the influence at the time of the accident. In addition to probation, Couch was ordered to get treatment at a rehabilitation facility. 

Couch’s lawyers argued that his privileged upbringing foiled his ability to make responsible decisions.

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Allen sex offender faces multiple criminal charges

In January Joshua Leroy Karr, 31, was charged with online solicitation of a minor and sexual assault of a child.

Karr was incarcerated at the Collin County Jail on Thursday, January 30. His bail was initially set at $50,000, but was amended to $500,000 by the District Attorney’s Office “due to the nature of the offense and the circumstances under which it was committed.”

Karr was previously arrested in December 2003 after allegedly trying to force middle school girls into his car.

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Cowboys former defensive lineman on trial for vehicular manslaughter

According to Dallas County First Assistant District Attorney Heath Harris in his opening statement on Monday, January 13, former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent “was so impaired he was driving double the speed limit, in excess of 100 miles per hour,” causing the death of a teammate, Jerry Brown, in a 2012 car crash. This statement came during the prosecution’s argument in Brent’s vehicular manslaughter case.

Harris also said that local authorities found out Brent had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system when he was subjected to a field sobriety test.

Brent plead not guilty to the manslaughter charges.

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Suspected serial sexual offender arrested by McKinney Police Department

With the help of undercover Detective Ursula Watson of the McKinney Police Department, who answered a Craigslist ad from suspected sexual offender Roger Allan Stulce, Stulce was arrested for sexual assault. He is currently on trial for these charges.

Watson testified at a Collin County hearing on Friday, December 13 that she agreed to an arrangement with the suspect to share his apartment in exchange for cooking and cleaning services. However, when she met Stulce at the apartment, he sexually assaulted her after locking the door behind her when she came in.

Stulce is currently facing four sexual assault charges involving four women who were allegedly molested in separate events between 2008 and 2012. The case being tried currently is that of a 38-year-old woman who says Stulce brutally assaulted her in June 2012 when she tried to sublease his apartment via a Craigslist ad.

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Zimmerman’s girlfriend likely to drop domestic violence charges against him

Prosecutors in Orlando, Florida are at a crossroads on whether to continue prosecuting George Zimmerman on domestic violence charges stemming from aggravated assault, battery, and criminal mischief, even though his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, is likely to drop those charges.

Schiebe allegedly wrote an affidavit that was filed by Zimmerman on Monday, December 9, requesting for the judge in the case to allow him contact with Scheibe.

Prosecutors can still build a case against Zimmerman via police reports, 911 calls, and other witness accounts, should Scheibe decide not to testify against Zimmerman.

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Ex-BP engineer’s criminal trial commences

The trial for Kurt Mix, a former engineer for BP (formerly known as British Petroleum) began on Monday, December 2 with the selection of jury members. He was charged with two counts of obstruction of justice in 2012 for allegedly deleting text messages from his cell phone regarding pertinent information that could have helped build with claims regarding the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval, Jr. will be in charge of handling the trial.

Mix entered a not guilty plea during his arraignment.

Aside from Mix, other BP employees have also received criminal charges due to the April 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Macondo well. BP’s former vice-president for the Gulf of Mexico exploration David Rainey also was charged last year for giving false testimony regarding the size of the oil spill claim. Robert Kaluza and Donald Vidrine, BP well-site managers, were also charged with involuntary manslaughter in November 2012 for the 11 deaths that occurred near or around the perimeter of the well.

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